Our Newest Location

In December 2021, Crawshaw Funeral Home officially joined the Crain Family of Funeral Homes.
The new name will be Crain Family Funeral Home & Cremation Service - Murphysboro.

A Letter from Howard Crawshaw

A Letter from Howard Crawshaw

As years pass and life situations change Crawshaw Funeral Home has evolved to meet an ever changing world. The next evolution brings us to announce that we are retiring after 90 years of service and have transferred ownership to Crain Funeral Homes.

Crain Funeral Homes will honor all pre-arranged contracts and promises.  The Crain’s are also a multi-generational southern Illinois family of funeral directors whom we have known for many years, we are confident that their reputation for quality service will meet the expectations you have come to expect from us.  We assure you that your arrangements will be conducted by a trustworthy and caring staff of experienced funeral directors.  The Crain’s have been in funeral service for over 89 years and will offer you the benefits of their experience with innovative creative services, extensive cemetery resources and the ownership and operation of their own crematory.

Crawshaw Funeral Home’s website soon will no longer be active.  Rest assured that all previously published Life Tribute pages from www.crawshawfuneralhome.com will be incorporated into and available on Crain Funeral Homes website, www.crainsonline.com

Each Life Tribute page from Crawshaw Funeral Home’s website will appear as before and include all information as previously published.   

Crain Funeral Homes has obituary notification available here on this website. Simply enter your information to receive emails informing you of families currently being served.

Crawshaw Funeral Home’s Facebook page for the immediate time will remain but will no longer be updated or have new links posted to Life Tribute pages.  New links will be posted to Crain Funeral Homes Facebook page

We wish to convey a heartfelt “Thank You” for your support of our family funeral home.  But most of all, Thank you for your confidence, trust and friendship!  Our desire is for you to be completely comfortable with this transition, Bryan and Stacey Crain or one of their trusted staff of professionals are ready to address any concerns or question’s you have.  Please feel free to contact Crain Funeral Homes at 618-684-2131.  They welcome the opportunity to personally meet with you and address any questions or concerns.


Howard A. Crawshaw