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Pre-Planning makes sense and it’s something we already do for most things in life. Life’s only certainty is death so doesn’t it make sense for the thoughtful to plan ahead?

Buying a Car
Purchasing a Home
Children's Education

That same careful financial planning in regard to one’s own funeral not only saves money, but it spares the family the unnecessary stressful decisions at the time of death.

Thoughtful decisions relieve the financial burden and worry for loved ones. Unless someone plans ahead and makes decisions, there are more than 50 details which must be handled within hours of the passing of a loved one.

The uncertainty of the time is sure to place emotional stress on surviving family members at a time when they are least prepared to make important decisions.

Like everything in life...inflation has increased funeral costs...
...and they will continue to cost more each year!
30 years ago, the average funeral cost $5,000Today, the same funeral will cost over $11,000

30 years ago, the average funeral cost $5,000

Today, the same funeral will cost over $11,000

  • Funeral Home
  • Cost
  • Who will pay for the funeral
  • Where the funs will come from
  • Location of Services
  • Cost
  • Casket
  • Place of Interment
  • Increase your benefits each year, TAX FREE
  • Keep pace with inflation increasing annually
My Funeral Cost Estimate Form

My Funeral Cost Estimate Form

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