Green Funerals

Many options are available to those who prefer a no preservation, back to the earth type of interment now popularly known as a "Green Burial."

We have set aside a garden in Pleasant Grove Memorial Park for Green Burials, and have waived the burial vault requirement for that section, allowing burial of the body in a wood or fiberboard casket or container.  Markers in this section must be flush with the ground to keep the view of the landscape clear. 

For the funeral service portion, Crain Funeral Home requires embalming only if the family opts for a public visitation.  Refrigeration is offered so the burial does not have to take place immediately, and the unembalmed remains can be dressed and buried in a wood or fiberboard casket or container.  Should the family opt for embalming and public visitation, many wooden caskets are available in a wide price range to accommodate the green burial family. 

Should burial take place in another cemetery, Crain does offer a bottomless vault that should meet cemetery requirements while still allowing the "back to nature" option.