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The traditional funeral increasingly is becoming less traditional these days.  Ceremonies tend to contain non-traditional or creative elements.

Many choose to arrange funeral ceremonies as "A Celebration Of Life," preferring to recognize the accomplishments and affection the deceased has earned, as opposed to the loss a death creates in our own lives.    

In these instances, the traditional service is mixed with stories, eulogies, good humor, music, photographs, mementoes, and even video in these days when so many of the events and people in our lives are captured on camcorders.

The choice of these creative elements depends on what is appropriate to the departed and the family.  It is the obvious we often overlook.   

A bag of golf clubs by the casket of an accomplished golfer;  canvases of an amateur artist displayed in the foyer; a favorite cowboy hat beside the urn -- personal remembrances lift our spirits, and give the ceremonies more dimension than simply that of grieving. 

Personalization carries on into the type merchandise selected for the service. Crain Funeral home offers a line of specialty caskets that can be selected to fit the unique personality of your loved one.


Many also choose to step out of the ordinary and design a unique monument or marker. M/C Monuments works with families to provide the perfect monument for that person.  

Our Merchandise

Our Merchandise

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