Muslim Funerals

Established in 1996 and the only Muslim Cemetery within 150 miles, Al Baqih garden atPleasant Grove Memorial Park is exclusive to members of the Muslim faith.

Complete cemetery & and Crain Funeral Home (on-site funeral home at the cemetery) Crain staff has had extensive experience conducting Muslim funerals & burials.  We are careful to avoid disturbing the body of the deceased, with the utmost respect for the deceased from the time they are brought into our care, to the burial. 

In accordance with tradition, we understand that no embalming is to take place. Cost is to be kept minimal.  If burial cannot take place soon after the death, Crain has refrigeration facilities available to so the prayers and burial can be delayed to accommodate those who must travel.  Crain has facilities in the tri-state area for washing and wrapping of the deceased, and will transfer to the site for funeral prayers, in the most modestly priced wood coffin available.  Burial will follow in Al Baqih, with a bottomless polypropylene vault, no metal whatsoever.  Prior to burial, the body will be turned to face Mecca , and in accordance with Muslim protocol a modest marker may be placed at the final resting place, and this can be arranged through Crain Funeral Home.